Wedding Ceremonies in Israel

You’ve dreamed about it for years.  You didn’t think it was possible.  It is possible!  The Joel Abramson Israel Connection will show you how.   We will help you make this dream come true.
Is this your first marriage and you want to share it with family and friends from Israel?

Perhaps, you are renewing your vows for a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary.  What better place could there be to do that then the Jewish Homeland?

What about a rabbi? We can help you find a Rabbi that you personally connect with and who represents the various expressions of Jewish Life that have developed among the Jewish people over time, be it Reform, Conservative or Orthodox.

Before, during and after the ceremony, you will want musicians that know how to tastefully perform the traditional music for an authentic Jewish wedding.  Picture a guitar, flute duo, a harp, a keyboard player, a Klezmer duet and more.

After the ceremony and Yichud, we can provide music for a rousing Hora with one of our live ensembles of Klezmer and Hassidic musicians to help your community of friends meet their obligation and desire to rejoice with the bride and groom.  See Joel Abramson Musical Entertainment – Israel for more information.  In addition, we can help organize a festive meal with your guests at one of the many unique venues in Israel.

When we hear the Shevah Brachot, we are reminded that we are commanded to rejoice with the bride and groom. We connect with those ancient Jews of Jerusalem of 2000 years prior.

Naturally, if you want to tour the country to add on yet more levels of meaning to your experience, we are there to help organize and design your itinerary.

Family Tours-Full Service

We can help you plan your entire trip. We do that with you of course. We want to know your vision, goals and deepest aspirations. Together we help plan all aspects of your transportation, your ceremony, accommodations, itinerary, ceremony site, match you with the right Rabbi and/or Cantor, secure an event venue, music, photography, tour guides, off the beaten track experiences, programs and people – to – people encounters and hosting, and more.

As Needed Basis

Perhaps you have been to Israel many times and you have just a specific set of needs. We are there to help you in all cases. Perhaps you need to find just the right Rabbi or Cantor? Maybe you need help with organizing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony on the day? Or, you want that very special tour guide or to secure a location. In the end, you may just want help to find the perfect organized tours for you, however there are hundreds to choose from. In any case, we are there to help you.

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