Bar & Bat Mitzvah Musical Entertainment in Israel

שידור מוסיקה למסיבות בני מיצווה

For the Israeli-English Speaking Community

Mazel Tov!  Your son or daughter is now becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a profound and joyous moment in their individual growth as a blossoming Jewish adult and member of the Jewish community.  Moreover, it’s happening in Medinat Yisrael – Eretz Yisrael, thus adding a special layer of significance to the event.  As members of the Anglo-Israel community, we have our own unique appreciation of the event.  Moreover, we have our own unique expectations and standards of professionalism when it comes to the planning and production of a celebration.  That’s where Joel Abramson Musical Entertainment comes in.

With over 15 years in the field, we know what our clients rightfully expect from us.    We are available for all of the planning time that you may need, we return phone calls in a timely manner, we follow up on all of the impeccable details and we will arrive and be ready to go at the time we agree on.  This and more makes for a relaxed life cycle event for our clients.  From there, we can all enjoy the great music that we provide, dance and celebrate, the way it should be.

Be it a 60 minute Hassidic/Carlebach/Israeli Hora or, Jazz-Swing, Classic Rock, Motown, Disco or interactive games, our events retain the integrity and meaning of what the day really symbolizes to your family within Jewish tradition.  We have successfully performed for all Jewish Communities on the spectrum of Jewish observance, secular to Orthodox.  Call Joel Abramson Musical Entertainment now to reserve your date.

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