Locations for Inspiring Ceremonies


Everyone comes to Israel with a dream. Our goal is to help you realize your dreams and the right location for your ceremony is part and parcel of that dream.  There are numerous historical, spiritual and profound sites that you can consider to host a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony in Israel.

(Pictures coming).

  • The Kotel/Western Wall (הכותל)  The actual remnant of the site of the ancient Jewish Temple, our foremost national symbol.


  • Southern Wall The Southern Wall is no less holy than the Western Wall, for it is part of the remaining Southern enclosure of the Temple Mount.


  • Massada The preeminent symbol of Israel’s self-reliance and determination to control our own destiny.  (Picture and brochure coming).


  • Neot Kedumim A 625-acre nature reserve dedicated to the restoration of the ecology of Biblical times. 


  • Pinat Shorashim A park located at Kibbutz Gezer dedicated to peace and the environment, rooted in Jewish sources offering hands on Jewish educational programming.   


  • Mount Scopus  A fabulous view overlooking the entire old city of Jerusalem


  • Tzppori During the 2nd century, the seat of Jewish power in the Galilee. It was home to the great Sanhedrin and the home of Rabbi Judah Ha’nasi, the compiler of the Mishna.


Many more to choose from!