Educational/Unique Israel Experiences

Because we come from Jewish educational backgrounds, we can create an Israel experience for you that will be like no other! We don’t want you to be distant observers on a tour, but rather engaged and interacting with the features that the State of Israel has to offer. Read below for just a few samples.

Musical Tour of Israel

This is the must tour for music lovers of Israeli culture.  Joel and Lori Abramson co-authored Shirah B’Tiyul, a Musical Tour of Israel.  This unique program features 10 classic Israeli “Shirei Moledet,” songs of the homeland, each tied to a specific geographic location.  Each song and its location, offers a deep look into Jewish and Israeli history.   Led by a licensed tour guide,   you have an encounter with history that comes to life.  Imagine touring the country, stopping at a unique destination each day, learning a song that is tied to the location and then gleaning profound insight into Jewish and Israeli history through that song.

(songs to be coming soon!)

Tune V’Ladun לדוןSong and Dialogue

A  Mutual Encounter of Israeli and Diaspora Jews with the help of Israeli music.

This unique program developed exclusively by the Joel Abramson Israel Connection is designed to address a profoundly important and relevant question.  That is, how do we help Diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews get to know one another?  Moreover, we need each other! Our goal is to bring the parties together for a night of discussion and song.  One of the endearing qualities of Israel culture is the role that music plays in social gatherings.  Music is in fact an international language.  In this unique encounter, participants will sing Israeli songs together (English transliteration is supplied) and between the songs engage in meaningful dialogue over challenging questions put forth by all participants.   This is truly an off-the-beaten-track experience that you won’t find on usual organized tours

Home/Shabbat Hospitality

There is nothing like Shabbat in Israel.  One can feel the entire country transition to a different frame of mind.  Be it a more secular style family gathering, or a day of complete Shabbat observance, festive meals and spiritual rhythm, we place participants in Israeli homes over Shabbat to further deepen their understanding of Israeli culture and the Jewish people of the State of Israel.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Joel Goldman, זכרנו לברך(of blessed memory) a dear friend and one of the most gifted Jewish Educators to ever walked the soil of the State of Israel.   He lost his battle with cancer on August 20, 2010, יא באלול תש”ע.

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