Meet Our Disc Jockeys and Emcees!

Joe Sheldon had been a featured performer for Joel Abramson Entertainment & Productions for over 10 years.  He is our most popular Wedding DJ – Emcee.  Joe is the consummate performer.  He has sophistication, excitement, talent and the look.  He can be the “Out There” entertainer” for a “New York Style” event or he can be “Sonoma County” lay back.  That’s what’s great about Joe.  He can be exactly what you need him to be.   Moreover, he is a guitar virtuoso recording numerous CDs of original compositions as well as leading the Joel Abramson Simcha Orchestra.  He can also perform as a guitar soloist for your wedding ceremony.  Joe is the total entertainer.

Jordon Sofris has been one of the most popular DJs in greater San Jose and the Peninsula.  His contagious smile and relaxed personality make for an event that is stylish, elegant and yet stress-free at the same time.  Jordan has total command of music choices and has superb ability to make the right music choices as he reads the crowd.  Jordan is the right fit for any wedding celebration.

We are currently updating our site and you will be able to read about our other DJs soon.

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