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Rebbe Soul

A versatile musician with an innate gift for telling a story, RebbeSoul brings a new voice to the sometimes-stagnant realm of Jewish music. He blends rock sensibilities, world-fusion stylings and traditional Hebrew melodies to create a sound that is ageless yet completely progressive.

“Multi-talented RebbeSoul seamlessly mixes international musical influences into his own unique sound. Rhythms from Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East are evident as they weave and wind through rock, pop, and jazz tones.”

- Joey Alkes, Music Biz Magazine

“RebbeSoul’s ‘Change The World With A Sound’ hit #1 on the CMJ World Music Charts! It’s been played on over 140 college radio stations!”

If you are a Jewish Organization organizing a fundraising event and want to pull in the most unique and cutting edge entertainment,  Joel Abramson Entertainment & Productions is your call.  Weather it is local specialty entertainment around for the holidays or gearing up for Israeli Independence Day, we have our finger on the pulse of cutting edge entertainment to help your event draw the numbers you need or to help raise the funds for your synagogue, school, JCC or Federation. With talent from Los Angeles, New York and Israel,   we can help you pull it all together.

Ron Weisman & Kedusha

Original Jewish Reggae

Ron Wiseman
(known as the ‘King of Jewish Reggae’) For the last 15 years Ron has performed in various venues from weddings to rock concerts. He has been the musical focus of many Jewish Events and his music is perfect if you are looking for something unique and exciting. The band is based in Israel, and regularly tours North America and Europe. He has performed with a wide variety of artists from Shlomo Carlebach to Donisha Marley (Bob Marley’s granddaughter). In addition to playing Jewish Reggae, Ron’s band Kedusha covers all the traditional Jewish music including Hora, Chassidic songs, even the latest hits from the Yeshiva charts. If the function is not so traditional, Ron can also add some Rhythm & Blues or Soul music. Kedusha is available worldwide for local prices!!  

Ziknei HaKfar-זקני הכפר

Ziknei Hakfar is the hottest new band in Israel taking Israel’s finest traditional homeland songs to an entire new level with exciting musicianship and arrangements. Moreover, concerts are done with PowerPoint so everyone can participate in an educational/musical encounter.

These other fine acts below are coming soon!

Kenny Ellis

Schlock Rock

Joe Black

Sam Glaser

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