Our Music Selection

Our music selection is the widest in the Bay Area.   Our Internet based library makes for an unlimited choice for your event.  But more than that, our cosmopolitan experience brings a knowledge of international favorites that gives our events a unique dimension.

Finally, we work with you to develop a music plan for the night.  We take your requests and integrate them with our experience and at-the-moment expertise to create a dance floor that will be electrifying!

Live Band Pop Song List

Click to see our live band sample Pop Song List.  Note that our bands are always building their repertoires with the latest lasting pop sings. 

Current DJ Pop List

Click for our DJ Song list for the up-to-date current hits as well past hits. 

Platinum Series Pop Hits

See this list if you are a fan of the classic hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s. 80s and the 90s. Click here for the Platinum Series.

Klezmer/Israeli/Hassidic/Yiddish/Ladino Song List

No one in the Bay area has a greater knowledge of Jewish and Israeli music as Joel Abramson Entertainment Productions.  Joel has traveled extensively and performed in Israel and has knowledge of the classic Israeli songs in addition to the cutting edge Hassidic pop hits now playing in Israel. Click for the Hassidic-Israeli-Klezmer Jewish Song List.