Party Additions

Sometimes you might just want a little accent to your celebration to give it that something extra or special.  We have a variety of add – ons that will help give you that complete sense that you want as a party host.  Below are just a few of some popular options that Joel Abramson Entertainment & Productions can help you with.

Lighting Packages
Lighting can be as an important element as any in the formula of a successful event. We can help you produce ambient lighting for the venue in general or effects lighting to ignite the dance floor.  Read more about disco/dance lighting.

Karaoke can be the life of the party if you have a critical mass of guests you love to sing.  It can stir up a memorable event of good music – and good laughs.

Dancers/Party Motivators
We offer dance assistants and performers that will help children and adults alike, engage in the music and keep the dance floor warm.  There are many styles to choose from so let us help you see how dancers can help meet you goals.

Israeli Folk Dance Instructors
At a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration, we certainly want festive dancing.  But when it comes to the Jewish and Israeli dancing, some of our guests need guidance.  We can help with our Israeli folk dance instructors. 

Jewish Specialists
With all of the production elements of the event, sometimes you might feel that you want more “Yiddishkeit” in your event.  We can help with that. With one of our specialists,  we can inject Jewish content and music. In fact, it was Joel Abramson who popularized the performing of Havdallah at Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations in the Bay Area.

Musical Tour of Israel
Only we feature this option.  Perhaps you have many Israelis or Israeli fans on your guest list.  Joel and Lori Abramson can engage your guests with a Musical tour of Israel or a “Shirah B’Tzibur,”  Israeli sing along complete  with a scenic PowerPoint presentation displaying all of the words so everyone can join in.  If your looking to make your event something that people will talk about for a long time to come,  this could be the way for you!