Meet Our Disc Jockeys and Emcees!

Joe Sheldon had been a featured performer for Joel Abramson Entertainment & Productions for over 10 years.  He is our most popular Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJ Emcee.  Joe is the consummate performer.  He has sophistication, excitement, talent and the look.  He can be the “Out There” entertainer” for a “New York Style” event or he can be “Sonoma County” lay back.  That’s what’s great about Joe.  He can be exactly what you need him to be.   Moreover, he is a guitar virtuoso recording numerous CDs of original compositions as well as leading the Joel Abramson Simcha Orchestra.  Joe is the total entertainer.



Max Bix is one of our up and coming star DJ/MCs.  The Joel Abramson Simcha Orchestra personally performed for Max’s Bar Mitzvah and that’s where his star quality was discovered.  Joel said to himself of Max, “This kid is going to make a great DJ someday.”  At 14 he started as a DJ assistant trained personally by Joel Abramson.  Young, tall and hip, Max is already a favorite of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah and their friends.

We are currently building this site and have more DJ’s to choose from. They will appear on the site soon.



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