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 It’s More Than the Music!


That’s what our clients tell us.  Why?  Because there is so much more to the success of an event, above and beyond the music. Event success is a formula that includes components such as robust planning, serious discussion of vision and goals,  timing considerations,  coordination with other professionals, Emceeing style and floor plan design just to mention a few.  It is for this reason that our clients have been thrilled with our award winning events for over 15 years.  Virtually all of our events are a success in the eyes of our valued clients.

We invite you to click on the links below for our preliminary planners to begin to develop a vision for your event.

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(Event Planning Guidelines) for general information.

If you already have a detailed vision of your event, feel free to use our detailed interactive Bar Mitzvah planner.  Click below:

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Why are we going through so much effort to do this!!! 

You might be asking yourself a similar question. No doubt about it, Bar and Bat Mitzvah is a profound life cycle event in American Jewish life. What does it really mean to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Simply put, it means the son or daughter of the commandments. What does that mean? It means your son, at 13 or daughter at 12 or 13 become solely responsible to perform these commandments. What are the Jewish commandments? They range from the ethical edicts such as love your neighbor as you would yourself, to ritual observance such as lighting Shabbat candles to usher in the Sabbath. You, as the parent are no longer responsible for their Jewish upbringing and behavior. (But don’t let them know that!)

How this change of legal religious status leads us into a celebration is a complex historical phenomenon. The only thing we are commanded to do is celebrate with the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. However, the style of that celebration varies greatly depending on families’ tastes, style and budget. There is no right or wrong celebration. Whatever your vision, we are there to support you. Moreover, Joel Abramson Entertainment & Productions has a trusted name in the Bay Area and Northern California for helping maintain the Jewish integrity of Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration.

While were on that topic, if you are looking for the greatest Jewish content for a family Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience, the Joel Abramson Israel Connection can help you fulfill that dream. We are the only Bay Area Bar/Bat Mitzvah event company that helps organize Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies and family trips to Israel.

Take me to Israel now!

For more information about Bar/Bat Mitzvah family tours in Israel, click the Joel Abramson Israel Connection.

What is our Parasha? 

Your son or daughter will read from the weekly Torah Portion (Parasha) associated with her/her Hebrew Birthday.  To find the date in which he was barn, you can follow the link below. (Don’t forget to come back to us)!

Find my Hebrew Birthday

Professional Links

Joel Abramson works with a consortium of fine professional that provide the necessary services to produce your event. We will be happy to coordinate the various components for you if you’d rather. Click on the area of interest. (Don’t forget to come back to us)!

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