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Over 15 Years in the Bay Area!

Joel Abramson Entertainment & Productions (formerly Joel Abramson Orchestras and Entertainment) was born out of the culmination of life long personal experience. Being the 3rd generation of his family to be involved in show business and Jewish music, Joel began music study at the age of 9. By the time he was 14, he entered show business professionally playing bass guitar for the Gayla Thomas Revue in nightclubs in Chicago. (Where was his mother?)

Upon moving to California at the age of 19, it was not long before he was performing in numerous clubs and music venues in the greater Bay Area for 15 years including local television and radio appearances on UPN, KNBR and others. Eventually, his Jewish spiritual path led him to live in Israel for two years where he learned to speak and sing in Hebrew.  There he made appearances on Israeli television, performed before Prime Ministers Shimon Peres and Yitzchak Shamir and developed the most complete Jewish/Israeli musical repertoire of any Bay Area performer.

Knows what a Jewish celebration is about!

Joel has mastery over the creation of a Jewish event. He holds a Masters Degree in Jewish Education, has been a professional instructor of Judaism and Jewish music, has published curricula on Israel and Judaism and is a cantorial soloist. He knows what makes an event a Jewish celebration, be it chanting Havdallah, providing music for a Tisch, accompanying the groom to greet his bride, or choosing the traditional songs for your wedding ceremony.

Offers the Most Music!

Joel combines his pop music club experience with his collection of Jewish/Israeli music to offer the most diverse musical repertoire of any Bay Area Jewish dance band. What this means to youis that you can have one dance band that can go from a Hora to Big Band music, Jazz to Israeli folk dancing, to Motown and Disco, to Mizrachi, Ladino and Yiddish, and back to Smooth – Santana, Greenday,  Maroon 5, as well as the party classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s that you’d expect to hear. Only Joel Abramson Entertainment & Productions does it all – well.

Knows How to Organize an Event!

Joel has been organizing Bar and Bat Mitzvah and wedding celebrations for over 15 years.  What this means to you is  attention to detail, ability to anticipate the unique needs of your event, the know-how to work with other professionals and a track record of success in helping clients realize their individual vision at their celebration.

Knows how to engage kids of Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations!

Having experience as a religious school principal, teacher, camp programmer, music specialist and professional youth worker, Joel has years of creative experience with kids. What this means to you is that your daughter or son will be engaged in age appropriate interactive games, activities and music that will be enjoyable for them and your adult guests as well! Moreover, most events are staffed with young professionals in their 20s as DJ assistants to help relate to the Bar or Bat Mitzvah and their friends.

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