Take a breath of Israel!

Posted by Joel Abramson April 19, 2011 Categories: Live from Israel

Happy Passover from Israel!

I’ve always understood Israel as a multi-sensual experience.  In addition to the powerful emotions of being in the Jewish Homeland, there are wonders to see, antiquities to touch, voices to hear, delicacies to taste and finally unique aromas to breathe.  One such time is Pesach.  You might be thinking about your grandma’s chicken soup right about now.    Me too, but I had something else in mind.

As my son Benjamin and I left our home to meet our congregation to burn our leftover Chametz (the last step of ridding one’s home of leavened bread per tradition) I thought I smelled perhaps a wild fire.   I soon realized it was the scent of countless mini-campfires throughout our town that people had made to burn their Chametz.  The scent was ever-present throughout the city.  It is one of those experiences that can only be had in Israel.   One I hope you have some day too.

On behalf of the Joel, Lori, Molly and Benjamin Abramson, we wish you a Passover filled with happiness, wholeness and health.

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