“Whose party is this anyway?!”

Posted by Joel Abramson January 15, 2011 Categories: Bar and Bat Mitzvah discussion

If you are planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration for your son or daughter and you haven’t asked this important question yet,  you certainly will.   Moreover, you should be asking this question.   “Whose party is this?”  It’s essential in creating the vision for what outcome you want  at your celebration.   Moreover,   does your data support your conclusion?  What do I mean  by that?  Well,  let’s say for example you maintain that your celebration is a “kid party.” OK then, I’ll ask you how many kids are you going to have at your celebration.  You say 45.  Great, then I ask how many adults are you having?  You say 125.     I say the data does not support the conclusion.   Why? Because if I then asked you if you care if the 125 adults (some of which are flying in from  New York and Chicago) are disgusted by the “kid” music and leave half way through the evening, I bet you’re not going to be happy about that, right?  Right.  That’s because with those numbers,   you really have a family party, not a kids party.  That is you want the kids to be entertained as well as the adults–everyone.   A true “kid party” is when the kids far outnumber the adults; for example  50 kids and 20 adults.  That would be a true “kid” party.

What does this mean to you?  It means that if you are having a “family celebration,”  we have to put the right DJ/MC or band leader at the helm.   A leader that knows how to play  music and facilitate activities appropriate for  kids, but music choices and volume that are suitable and engaging for the adults in the room too.    It takes a very special DJ/Band Leader  to pull it off.

When you choose your Bar/Bat Mitzvah entertainment,  be sure that your DJ/MC/Band Leader has the  sophistication and maturity to provide just the right balance for your guest list.

Joel Abramson Entertainment & Productions has been providing DJs, live music and variety entertainment for Bay Area Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrations in Northern California since 1994.

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